Principals represented by R&P Ingredients Inc.

Attune Foods- Hearthside Foods

Supplier of quality ingredients for the Bakery, Snack, and Cereal Industries

Anchor Ingredients

A supplier of Domestic and International Beans and Seeds, both Conventional and Organic to meet your individual requirements.

Klassic Coconut

Desiccated, Sweetened, Toasted Coconut, Coconut Milk & Cream

Ocean Cliff Corporation

Ocean Cliff Corporation

Ocean Cliff's New England facility is uniquely able to produce the freshest, premium quality seafood flavors for worldwide distribution.

Peppers Unlimited of Louisiana

HotShots in Hot sauce, we specialize in made- to -order blending, Named for our Limitless production potential and volume capacity from sourcing fruit to filling tankers-we do it all and we do it best.

Royal Ridge Fruits

Royal Ridge Fruits

Royal Ridge Fruits grows and processes premium dried whole and diced fruits for the Ingredient Industry and are used in cereals, energy bars ,baked goods, as well as other end-products.

Traina Foods

Traina Foods produces the world's finest sun dried fruit, serving manufacturers, ingredient companies and distributors

Unique Ingredients & Surfrut

Evaporated & Low Moisture Fruit and Fruit Powders